Back in October, we blogged that Captured Tracks was reissuing the first three records from reclusive '80s pop act Cleaners From Venus. People asked me about those tracks for weeks afterwards, and countless Mediafire links ensued (look the other way, SOPA).

Today, Captured Tracks kicked down "A Personal Issue," an unreleased track that's slated for inclusion on the new pressing of 1981's Blow Away Your Troubles. You can stream it below. And, for the uninitiated, check out one you really won't be able to get out of your head: "Renee (Who's Driving Your Car?)," from 1983's In the Golden Autumn.

The release for the reissue package has been pushed back a month to April 16, 2012, but it's going to be worth the wait—the collection includes bonus tracks, rare photos, and extensive liner notes from Martin Newell himself.


Cleaners from Venus - "A Personal Issue"

Cleaners from Venus - "Renee (Who's Driving Your Car?)"