Little Axe Records has been known around town for years as the guerilla storefront Jed Bindeman and Warren Hill run out of a NE Portland garage, but now the pair have moved their collections into a more conspicuous location off NE Alberta, an area of town that's been just begging for a record haven of this caliber. So what kind of discs do they specialize in? Here's what their Facebook profile has to say about it:

Little Axe carries a vast array of sounds on vinyl and cassette. Many genres are well represented, including post punk, ethnographic, experimental, 60s soul, psych, industrial, folk & rock & blues in all it's types and everything in between. Music for complete weirdos and non-weirdos alike.

Grand opening is tomorrow at noon
. And if you stick around until the evening, rumor has it you can expect some live music, including a rather "fishy" headliner. That's the other thing we're excited about: the in-store performances, which will be arranged by Experimental ½ Hour's Eva Aguila and Eternal Tapestry's Ryan Carlile. Damn, this is going to be an amazingly well-curated record shop. Be excited.

Little Axe Records is located at 5012 NE 28th (at Alberta).