It's a story I always take to heart as I know how rotten I'd feel if some toothless bastard ran off with my guitars. Some things just aren't replaceable. But let's hope for better for S.F. band Dominant Legs, whose gear was stolen in Portland, Wednesday evening, a day after opening for Eleanor Friedberger at Mississippi Studios.

Christian Blunda of the Mean Jeans, who was with the band at the time of the theft, explains:

I'm fucking pissed about it. They lost 2 laptops, an ipad, their clothes, etc. We were at East End having drinks for like an hour between 530 and 630 and some asshole broke in and jacked them bad. The following instruments were stolen and it would be a fucking miracle if they got them back, but it's worth trying.

The stolen gear:
- Brand new American Fender Stratocaster (Olympic White)
- Mexican Fender Telecaster semi-hollowbody w/f-hole (Natural Ash)
- Ovation Magnum 2 Bass (dark wood) cracked headstock

If you have any information about the theft which, again, took place between 5:30-6:30PM, Wednesday afternoon in the vicinity of Grand & Ankeny in SE Portland, please contact police and email the band at dominantlegs@gmail.com.