If you're not yet hot for Remy Marc's local DIY record/distro outlet Sweating Tapes, there's no better time than now to take notice. The label is releasing a series of compilations documenting the North American synth scene, and they're starting at home in Portland. Taking a curatorial bent like this makes sense for an imprint praised for the adventurous imports they distribute from avant Euro labels such as Phantasma Disques, Desire, and Mannequin, so you can bet that we're getting rather stoked for them to now tackle things stateside, city by city. There's definitely no one out there taking on a project of this breadth, and the promise of a definitive chronicle of this country's immediately thriving synth scene is monumental indeed, so take note and make sure you begin following these folks immediately—you can start by signing up for their mailing list.

Volume 1 is a steamy analog set of decidedly dark futurist synth workouts and pop songs, featuring some of the absolute finest acts our city has to offer. Good luck following this one, NYC. The physical release won't be available until March 6, but you can pre-order at Bandcamp and stream the entire volume after the jump below.