The bunny plays mandolin!

UPDATE: This contest is closed and the winner has been notified.

Perhaps you've heard of this funny little South African pop music combo Die Antwoord. Perhaps you read Marjorie's article on them in this week's paper. Perhaps you find their catchy, rhythmic tunes to be your cup of tea, and their unconventional fashion sense to be the cat's pajamas. Perhaps you've got yourself a copy of their new album Ten$ion (iTunes link here, shoppers). Perhaps you bought your tickets to their HELLA SOLD OUT show this Saturday at the Roseland.

What's that? You didn't do that last part?

Good thing you have us around. Because we've got a pair of tickets to give away to see Die Antwoord this Saturday, February 18, at the Roseland. Did I mention the show is super sold out? Yeah. So the only way you're getting in is by entering this contest.

Send an email to this address with the words "Die Antwoord" in the headline. In the email, please explain why you deserve to win these tickets. The winner will be chosen out of these entries, possibly at random. You MUST include your first and last name in the email, so we can put it on the guest list for you. And you can only enter once. Got it? Cool. This'll be a quickie, so we're closing this one at 11 am tomorrow (Friday, February 17). Good luck!

And here's a little peek at Die Antwoord.