In typical Chromatics fashion, the band continues to taunt us with videos from their new album Kill For Love (this one's their third from an album that hasn't even come out yet), but come on already—is this album ever going to actually come out? There had been some hints that we'd get it on Valentine's Day, and then signs are pointed towards next weekend, with the band headlining a big show in Los Angeles on the 26th. [The latest update via Facebook says they're still perfecting the track sequence, artwork, and mastering, with no definitive release date set.] Geez, Italians Do It Better sure knows how to build anticipation around their releases. Guess there's nothing left for me to do but sit on my ass and twiddle my thumbs to this stupid Nite Jewel record. Anyway, peep this video for "Lady" from Alberto Rossini, replete with plenty of deadpan performance footage and rainy, late-night drives.