With their brand-new video, And And And celebrates booze, snow, and the joys of interspecies breeding. "I Want More Alcohol (It Makes Me Sadder)," directed by Kyle Glenn, gets a big-screen premiere at the band's Doug Fir show tomorrow night, but take a look here. It's the sad, sorrowful tale of TMNT-face, who loves the sweet and winsome Bunnyhead. Alas, she is dating Lionhair, and after TMNT-face makes an unwanted pass at Bunnyhead, Lionhair challenges him to a sword fight. Things end particularly badly for TMNT-face, with his good friend Badgerdude checking in on him.

If that all sounds like quite the drama, the video's production was also fairly arduous:

The band, along with a 13 person film crew, spent an isolated January weekend in rural Oregon filming in an old growth oak forest. With an unexpected snow storm, insufficiently heated yurts, a moldy single-wide trailer, and, of course, plenty of alcohol, the stage was set.
And And And took full advantage of the snowfall, as you can see, and this tune is one of six from their fine new 10-inch EP, Lost, of which tomorrow's Doug Fir show is also celebrating the release.