The most intentionally weird dude of 2012's first quarter has got to be Mac Demarco. Mac's ADD-aesthetic has shape-shifted enough times in the past couple months that it's impossible to predict what you're gonna get from the guy, and his non-commitment to style is a refreshing take that you don't expect from your typical DIY pop dork. Like I said, the guy's all over the place—just search his name to reveal photo and video of him assuming the costumed personas of imagined AM-dial pop stars, practicing outlandish accents, and sitting on the toilet. Demarco's soon-to-be-released Rock and Roll Night Club is similarly chameleonesque—one minute he's sounding like a sloppy Bowie, the next like some late-to-the-party Brooklyn buzz band, and at times even like (dare I say it?) Ariel Pink. It's disorienting in the coolest way, and overall a rather creative record.

But this video, man... he messed up. It's not a terrible song, but the treatment is pretty much everything wrong with the resurgence of throwaway cable access-style media. Blatant Tim and Eric green-screen posturing, armpit-sniffing, WAY too much air guitar, and some guy faux-masturbating at the end... It's awkwardly immature, screaming out, "Hey, I'm a freak! I'm pretending to not give a shit, please love me!" Give me a break. No, I'm not missing the irony. If you're going to make a bad joke out of your music, at least make it a good bad joke.

Such a shame, too. The trio of tracks uploaded to Bandcamp a couple months ago had me anticipating one of the best (if not strangest) new voices of the year. I'm torn—DeMarco has potential for sure, but I'm hating this latest turn from him. Clearly, I need a little help deciding if this is crap or not.