We'd certainly be remiss in our duties if we failed to hype you on fledgling "record label and fun machine" Beer on the Rug, so here's the gritty: First thing you gotta know about this Midwestern tape outfit is that they deliver 100% on the indulgent party promise of their namesake. This is no-holds-barred, ADD pill-times galore, irretrievably deep down the h-pop k-hole: mulched elevator swag, dorm room synth-dorking, and unapologetic DIY dorkpop. It doesn't get much more zonked than this, folks. And just take a look at that artwork. What you see is definitely what you get—and with BOTR releases, it's always A-OK to judge a record by its cover.

In just 12 months time, the crew over at Beer on the Rug has garnered a lot of buzz with releases by the likes of Laserdisc Visions, CVLTS, and Napolian, but what's got us even more stoked are their stacks of soon-to-be-released titles that I'm not gonna spoil for you just yet. Instead, let's have a look and listen to this superb trio of their newest drops, including the debut LP from local Gnar Tapes/White Fang founder Erik Gage's newest alias, Free Weed.


Free Weed - Beer On The Drugs C19
Gnar mom Erik Gage joins BOTR’s ranks and blasts off axe in hand, shredding already spaced faces to flecks of carbon dust. This spliff riffin’ bong pop is not recommended for consumption by DARE members or the faint of heart. Features rubber burnin’ sensations like “Sci-Fi,” “Friend of the Guitar,” and “Caprica”. Pop this bad boy in your home stereo and blaze loudly for good measure.


Free Weed - "Friend of the Guitar"


Macintosh Plus - Floral Shoppe
Imagine the aphrodisiacal scents present inside this boutique - the wafting air permeates the room with a sticky sweet fragrance borne of yearning buds and vibrant blossoms. Mesmerizing and captivating in its slow burning brilliance, “Floral Shoppe” sees the enigmatic entity behind this project and Laserdisc Visions employing structural sleight of hand and chakra cleansing frequencies with aplomb and finesse. Macintosh Plus subverts minds to heal hearts with her freshly manicured bouquet of love stoned tunes rendered impervious to wilting or fading by nature of their own inherent luminosity.


Macintosh Plus - "ÃÃÃÃ 420 / 現代ÁÃÃÃÃ"


Boy Snacks - Boy Snacks C24
This hot pop is defined by its bubble fresh! Have you met the body butter?? It’s too delish for this guy!! Boy Snacks for President! Tres chic Vice Prez interior design guru x-Glam Smith shows up to work on her hoverscooter ~ she works at ESPN as a very VIP sporters reporter when she isnt trailblazing w/ her PTA meeting cuties! Boy Snacks is a diva but he’s great!! I heard he gets tipsy on champagña to make this stuff but you cant really trust People magazine these days ~ LOL! Boy Snacks C24 features fruit gushin’ slammers like “Kiwi Melon,” “4G Kush,” and “401(k)-hole”!


Boy Snacks - "Vista"