(Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) Local folk legends Loch Lomond will be serenading North Portland's Mississippi Studios with Dinosaur Feathers and Lemolo this delightful Sunday evening. Show up early for a drink next door and start your week with some pleasant vibes and bittersweet melodies. CLARE GORDON

(Rontoms, 600 E Burnside) Having relocated from Brooklyn to Portland on a whim, Pure Bathing Culture's Sarah Versprille and Dan Hindman played their very first show at the Doug Fir in January. It's a good thing their restorative pop survived the trip without any damage, as the slightest environmental changes would surely disrupt its perfect balance. Their songs, though scant in number, are washed out in just enough reverb and the exact amount of '80s soft-rock motifs allowed before tawdriness sets in. You might wonder how supposed neophytes could work with such finesse. However, a bit more research reveals that Versprille and Hindman are both touring members of Vetiver; they're no strangers to the construction of smooth tunes. And though their debut EP (out later this year on Father/Daughter Records) has yet to surface, it's clear that great things are in store for Pure Bathing Culture. RAQUEL NASSER

(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) It's only taken about four years for Poor Moon to fully realize itself as a working band. After existing as a demo-trading side gig for Christian Wargo and Casey Wescott (of Fleet Foxes and Crystal Skulls) with Ian and Peter Murray of the Christmas Cards, the project flew by the wayside following the massive success of Fleet Foxes. Now with some time at their disposal, Poor Moon's debut EP, Illusion (released by Sub Pop), has been unleashed, drifting in currents of lush, dreamy pop and echo-heavy acoustic shuffles, the former of which is best executed on the single "People in Her Mind." Sluggishly paced though it may be, the bulk of the EP retains clarity thanks to fantastic melodies (as in the excellent title track opener), fertile harmonies, and nimbly executed songcraft. RYAN J. PRADO

(Alberta Rose Theatre, 3000 NE Alberta) Dan Bern has a song called "Talkin' Woody, Bob, Bruce, and Dan Blues," a self-aware acknowledgment of the three groundbreakers he can't not be compared to—Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, and Bruce Springsteen. It's true that Bern sounds an awful lot like '60s Dylan, but like any folk rocker worth his salt, Bern reflects the time he's living in, which in case you hadn't noticed is jaded and cynical. Bern values irony over earnest idealism, reflected in the name of his sometime band, the International Jewish Banking Conspiracy, as well as the songs he's written for the movies Walk Hard and Get Him to the Greek. This is not to say that Bern is never political. His biggest gift as a songwriter might be his knack for infusing current events with the sardonically surreal. REBECCA WILSON

(Secret Society, 116 NE Russell) Portland acoustic duo Duover (get it?) are likeable on many levels. Rebecca Rasmussen and Nathan Junior serve up lovely country folk that adheres to the rustic stylings of Arnold Schultz and Bill Monroe. They'd probably even serve you breakfast in bed if given the chance. That sweetness carries over into unassuming songs that are quirky and occasionally wander off to a dark place. Nathan Junior—who also does time with Fruit Bats and M. Ward—picks and strums with precision. But it's all held together by those voices, which have the power to melt hearts and then put them back together again (try "Raining Love" on for size). Tonight's performance will be recorded and broadcast for engineer Sean Flora's StationToStation. MARK LORE