(Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, 1037 SW Broadway) Fans of Rodrigo y Gabriela have seen the duo perform their hybrid Latin-jazz-metal armed with only their classical guitars, but tonight they'll shred with a 13-piece Cuban orchestra—appropriately named C.U.B.A.—backing them up, playing songs from their invigorating new Area 52 album. NED LANNAMANN


(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) After a fair amount of emotional tumult and general uncertainty, Bowerbirds' Phil Moore and Beth Tacular have reconvened to build a formidable addition to their cabin in the Carolina woods. Where 2009's fantastic Upper Air fleshed out the spare, transcendentalist folk that the band enacted with 2007's Hymns for a Dark Horse, the recently released The Clearing takes that organic base—one laid evenly and with great care—and nurtures more exotic perennials within its soil. Moore and Tacular's typical commingling of voices, strings, and primitive beats is merged with tastefully synthesized sounds, and while the subject matter remains the same—seasons, love, meadowlarks, frost—their musical breadth has widened considerably. For those who have watched Bowerbirds grow over the years, this show is mandatory. For those who haven't, do yourself a favor: Start with this crown and work your way back to the foundation. You will not be disappointed. RAQUEL NASSER