[UPDATE: This contest is closed and the winner has been notified.]

The Naked and Famous is the name of my autobiography a group from New Zealand that makes big, brash, widescreen pop. You probably already knew that; they're all over the radios and televisions and such. They're returning to Portland on Monday, April 23 at the Crystal Ballroom, and we've got a pair of tickets to give away to a lucky winner. All you have to do is send an email to this address with "The Naked and Famous" in the subject line. Please include your first and last name.*

These are hard tickets, so you will need to come downtown to the Mercury office during regular business hours next week to pick them up. If you are not able to do this, please don't enter. This contest will close Tuesday at 9 am.

Not sure if you like the Naked and Famous? Watch the video above, in which a bunch of stuff happens in suuuuper slooooowwwwww mooooootionnnnnnnnn. Not sure if you like winning stuff for free? You can pay hard-earned dollars for tickets right here.

Oh, bonus! Two solid opening acts on the bill for the April 23 show, too: Vacationer and Now, Now.

*For extra credit, you may include a link (a LINK, no attachments please) to a picture of the naked famous person of your choice. This is not mandatory. In fact, now that I've typed this, I realize I am really going to regret it.