This is a bit old, but here's a cool video of Sean Flinn & The Royal We performing in a Portland hardware store—but not just any old True Value or Do it Best. Flinn and crew are in Hippo Hardware, one of the weirdest and most eclectic junk stores in town. Set amid the dense backdrop of Hippo's endless fixtures and knickknacks, the group performs "Sophia" in this intimate performance shot by Rodrigo Melgarejo (and of course that's Luz Elena Mendoza on vocals and handclaps.)

That video is almost a year old, but Sean Flinn & The Royal We have some more recent performance videos as well, from a performance at Union Chapel in London on October 12, 2011. You can see those over on their website; meanwhile, the band headlines at Doug Fir on May 17. They've got a new record in the works, too, so expect some new songs.