That's the album cover for the new, excellently titled Witch Mountain record, Cauldron of the Wild. (We love Jack London puns more than any other puns.) The cover's by Sam Ford and Jason Lewis, and a preview track from the album turned up over on Pitchfork today. It's called "Aurelia" and it's mighty long, clocking in at 11 minutes. We couldn't magically portal the song over here, but you can stream it over there.

Cauldron of the Wild comes out on June 12 on the esteemed Profound Lore label. It's hot on the heels of the last Witch Mountain album, 2011's South of Salem, which appeared a full decade after the album before that. What gives with Witch Mountain's accelerated pace? Not sure, but we'll take it. Witch Mountain kicks off a US tour at the beginning of June before returning home to Portland for a show at Backspace on Saturday, June 23. In the meantime, a track-by-track look at Cauldron of the Wild is over at the Corvallis Gazette-Times.