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In the years since their tragic exit, Portland has seen it's share bands pay homage to the Exploding Hearts' plucky mess of punky glam pop. Most can be discerned by hair cuts alone—long on the sides, bangs cropped caveman short.

The Cry! are no exception, but their Hearts-inspired "Modern Cinderella" is an exceptional tune, an unshakeable mix of hooks and tongue-in-cheek self-depreciation. Can't help but smile when, after love (or lust) goes sour and the overlooked protagonist is "headed home on the bus."

The Cry! - "Modern Cinderella"

Check out more at The Cry!'s Bandcamp. The group is in the midst of a national tour. They return to Portland on June 23 to play the Kenton Club. More info at their website.

I found The Cry! on a mixtape compiled earlier this year by the Mean Jeans' Billy Jeans. As he explains:

Sup? Here’s a mix of my favorite bands that Mean Jeans have toured or played with in the past year or two. Some total punk, some pop, some local Portland bands, whatever; all of these songs rule and they are all bands that are playing and touring now. Hopefully there’s some stuff you’ve never heard, get their records! - Billy Jeans

Indeed, lots of good stuff here. Highlights, besides "Modern Cinderella," include The Barrecuda's "Dog Food," Zulu Peals' "," White Fang's "Alien," and White Wires' "Don't Call Me When You're Ill."

The whole track list is available below the jump. But you can just skip that and download the Billy Jeans' mixtape here.


01. Pangea - River
02. Boom! - Get A Grip (demo)
03. White Wires - Don’t Call Me When You’re Ill
04. Big Eyes - Now That You Aren’t Mine
05. Barreracudas - Dog Food
06. White Fang - Alien
07. Tough Shits - Hombre de la Cocaina
08. Diarrhea Planet - Warm Ridin’
09. Zulu Pearls - Feel Me
10. The Cry - Modern Cinderella
11. Therapists - I Need It
12. Liquor Store - Banned From The Block
13. Underground Railroad to Candyland - Body of the Bird