Another week, another Mercury music section to pretend to read as you suggestively peek over the top of your paper (or laptop), giving come-hither glances to that attractive person sitting across the way. We don't mind you using us this way.

The exquisite baroque art-pop of Ozarks was born out of great affection for pop music's past. But that doesn't keep it from sounding tremendously good right this very second.

Ozarks - "As I Lay Sleeping"

Monarques have been sitting on their terrific record for quite some time. Shit happens, you know. But now the band has released it, and it is well worth the wait.

Monarques - "I Won't Cry"

Pegasus Dream's new EP is all killer, no filler. Or should that be all thriller, no spiller? No... it is all chinchilla, no vanilla. Me good words writing!

Pegasus Dream - "In Absentia"

Plus a bunch of Up & Coming shows, falling off the vine.