For the Corin Tucker Band's upcoming new video, the band will be playing the part of classic London punk band X-Ray Spex, with Tucker herself taking on the role of Poly Styrene. (Take a look above, there is certainly some resemblance.) The video will be for a track from the Corin Tucker Band's excellent sophomore record, Kill My Blues, which comes out on Kill Rock Stars on September 18. And according to the video's director, Alicia J. Rose, there is currently an open casting call for extras in the video's club scene, which'll be a throwback to the punk/new wave days of yore. Here's the Facebook event invite, and after the jump, read the full details on the casting call, with full info on how to get your beautiful mug in the video.

Alicia J. Rose & Co. are making a new music video for the awesome Corin Tucker Band (ex Sleater-Kinney) and are looking for folks to partially fill a music venue with early 80's punk/new wave concert goers.

Corin and her band will be playing Polystyrene and the X-Ray Spex. It's going to be a blast.

Does this sound like a punk fantasy come true? Its gonna be.

You would need to be available Sunday 7/29 from 11am-5pm and be willing to go punk or new wave for the day. Unpaid, but HIGH GLORY. You will help teen girls crowd surf and Corin feel like its 1980ish at CBGB.

If you are interested and available - and 21+ - please RSVP here AND send an email with headshot and contact info to - this is gonna be a fun one!