Every six months or so I clean off my desk. Time to do something with all those notes, taxes, receipts, ash, batteries, earplugs, breath mints, lighters and the rest. Of the many items that pile up are news clippings I tear for reminder or further review. One such was Marques Toliver, from the New York Times, the week of April 18th, reads as such:

This classically trained violinist from Florida has spent time busking in East London, but he has now shifted his considerable talent to the unusual hybrid of baroque R&B. In his hands, it is fascinating: Mr. Toliver croons fitfully about spirituality over intricate string solos, joking dryly between songs to break up the bleak tension. His debut EP, “Butterflies Are Not Free” (Bella Union), is promising throughout. — STACEY ANDERSON

Which led me to this pair of mesmerizing live performances:

I guess Toliver came to Portland a year ago. Anyone see him?