Here's a special Halloween treat for you, and it's a song called "Tears from Heaven."

Hey wait, where are you going? I didn't say "Tears IN Heaven." That would have been really scary—too scary for even today. No, this is "Tears from Heaven," a new track from Desire, the Portland/Montreal band on the Italians Do It Better roster. It's from the upcoming IDIB compilation album After Dark 2 that Johnny Jewel has been steadily working on, and there's the video, directed by IDIB filmographer Alberto Rossini. Like the video, the song favors texture over defined imagery, rising and falling in synth washes that play against the insistent chopping of the rhythm.

Jewel & Co. seem to love giving us new treats on Halloween—you might remember last year we got "Halloween" from Glass Candy, which is definitely worth revisiting today.