(Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside) Menomena are like those friends who you know live just around the corner but somehow rarely see. Wise enough to keep local listeners eagerly awaiting their periodic hometown performances, tonight they're letting us have it, along with their latest album, Moms. MARJORIE SKINNER

(Wonder Ballroom, 128 NE Russell) I'm trying very hard not to string together 11,156 "EEEE"s and exclamation points about reunited '90s wunderkinds the Afghan Whigs. Larynx-shredder Greg Dulli (!!) & Co. have been dishing out soul-infused rock in live shows that peel the paint from the walls and make crowds go apeshit. OMG! EEEEEEEEEEE!! PLAY "FOUNTAIN AND FAIRFAX"!!! COURTNEY FERGUSON Also, read our article on the Afghan Whigs.

(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) With shrieking-banshee guitar and a caravan full of echo, Wooden Indian Burial Ground have delivered one of the best records of the year—local or otherwise. The Portland four-piece's new self-titled album, whose vinyl incarnation came out October 30 on Mon Amie Records, is a devastating, earthquaking trip to catatonia by the funnest means possible. The heavy, dirty, garage squalor sounds like it will cast out old evil spirits and attract some new ones along the way. While they haven't quite broken through to name recognition in their own hometown, with the release of the eight-song Wooden Indian Burial Ground I confidently expect that to change; the group deservedly made a splash at CMJ a couple weeks back, and this record shows all that they're capable of. It's fearsome and awesome. Time to get on board. NED LANNAMANN

(Groove Suite, 440 NW Glisan) All too often, people pigeonhole the world of techno music as being mercilessly overrun by bad top-40 remixes with cheesy four-on-the-floor beats that go nowhere, and rightly so—in some cases. But if you know where to look, you'll be inducted into a realm of music that inspires a type of musical energy unique in its ability to make you rock out. Portland underground electronic label SubSensory Records, notorious for pumping out the jams, hosts this evening's celebration of the heritage of electronica by featuring some of Seattle's most dynamic players. Roman Zawodny, whose sound has been described as "genre defying" by techno luminary Dave Clarke, alongside Ctrl_Alt_Dlt (Chris Aldrich) and Sone (Brian Sonnleitner) will give us a post-Halloween Friday night to remember. Costumes are encouraged, and don't forget your dancing shoes. CHRISTINA BROUSSARD

(LaurelThirst Public House, 2958 NE Glisan) Junk-folk-punk-busk band the Builders and the Butchers came messily into this world on Halloween weekend of 2005, and tonight they celebrate seven years of clattering, stomping, hollering, and ringleading. Playing wooden instruments and found percussion—pieces of which would be handed out to audience members—the band initially performed as buskers outside of other venues without the help of any amplification. But as word grew, so did the crowds, and the Builders and the Butchers quickly vaulted their way to the top of Portland's must-see-band list. They're still as good as ever, thanks to their indefatigable live energy and guitarist/songwriter Ryan Sollee's expert songwriting, and local label Jealous Butcher is gracing us with a vinyl reissue of their great 2007 self-titled debut. Seeing Portland's homegrown version of a New Orleans funeral band inside the intimate LaurelThirst Public House is going to be undoubtedly exciting, and probably sweaty. NL