Menomena at the Crystal Ballroom, Friday November 2


Everyone's favorite pastime used to be bitching about the sound quality at Crystal. "I HATE seeing shows at the Crystal - the sound sucks!"

Can anyone confirm or deny that it is improved after the $Gazillion remake of the sound system?
The sound was WAY TOO LOUD. I'm not just complaining because I'm too old, either (I got to concerts all the time without having this issue). The sound crew apparently didn't understand that louder doesn't equal better. The vocals were EXTREMELY hot sounding to the point that I went to the back of the room just to get a little relief. They could have cut the volume by about 30%, and it would have still been quite loud. As it was, everything sounded muddy. Not impressed by the quality of sound at Crystal, and it thoroughly detracted from how awesome Menomena is.
some great shots--can feel the music!
One thing that's annoying at the Crystal, and was evident on Friday, was the loud music just below the stage at Lola's Room. You could hear it between songs, and I suspect that's one reason they keep the volume up. Overall though Menomena was great.