Jonathan Richman Is Playing the Know Again


This the same guy whose first album had a tune about not riding in someone's car if it had cigarette burns in the seats? I know, he went from modeling his sound according to scuzz kings the Velvet Underground's white noise aesthetic to working without a drummer cuz
not even his close friend the first Modern Lovers' drummer apparently couldn't get the volume just so for fussbudget Jo Jo. He then proceeded to ditch Berkeley for playing kids gigs and family restaurants solo cuz they were better listening audiences. So now he's smitten by one of No Po's less listener-friendly grunge bars, where not only does he dive right in but is welcomed (no pleat in his pegged slacks outta place) with open if grungy
tattoo'd arms? I admire the guy not surrendering to his neuroses. We'll see if a jammed Know Bar can remain quiet and still enough for this backslider....