Fundraiser for Local DJ BennyRox


Curious about the reason he is in jail! Anyone know? Wanna support but wanna know the why.
Despite living in the US for years, BennyRox has landed himself in immigration jail ^^^
I think she's wondering why... why is he in immigration jail? Did he get picked up by immigration at his house?
Exactly! What are the specific charges? I don't wanna support someone if the reason for their detainment is because of say domestic violence or some type of crime that hurt a person or thing.

Looks like he was arrested for harassment and domestic violence (scoll to bottom of that link for the charges) Not sure why dude is getting any sympathy bc judging from that charge he was probably the aggressor against a woman, most likely one he is in a relationship with.
Whoa... would love to hear some comments on that. Seriously? Guy get's thrown in jail for harassment and everyone wants to raise money for him?

If anyone can please reply with some sort of explanation... that would be great.
The cops came to his apartment with his newly engaged wife. The cops had a noise complaint. That is all we know.
Everybody makes mistakes and everyone has demons but if you know Benny, you know his heart. If you have a problem with Benny then don't donate, just ignore this. But for those of us who love him, we can see past mistakes with pure love. We want to help our friend who has helped bring us together.
Like "some type of crime that hurt a person or thing"

Poor thing.........cause you were totally going to support some dude you didn't know as long as he didn't hurt like "some type of crime that hurt a person or thing"

and that mug shot site gives very little information, innocent till proven guilty tards. NBHNC
It doesnt say domestic violence on here anywhere:
Where are you getting that from?
harassment - dv (b misdemeanor)

DV = Domestic Violence.
Hey guys! We'll have our newsies pull the police report, and get back to you after the Thanksgiving weekend. Until then, please don't jump to conclusions without getting all the facts. Thanks!
NBHNC - Actually I do know him! So..... Mind your business.

And thank you Steven! All I am asking is for the facts.
Soooooooooooo??? What happened Mercury? What were the results the newsies came up with?
Thanks for sitting tight, folks. Our news editor took a look at what info was available down at the courthouse. There actually isn't a court file or any paperwork we can cite about the incident that led to BennyRox's arrest. The computer system lists the charge as dismissed. Looks like whatever the charge was, it was completely dropped a few days later. We haven't eyed the police report yet, but if there is anything relevant on there, we'll let ya know.
There was a noise complaint at his apartment with his fiance, cops were called, and they found out he wasnt legal. He and his fiance have a great relationship, and are going to get married as soon as he is out - making him legal. The charge was dismissed, so it could have been totally ridiculous. Maybe a fight broke out at his place, not sure. All i know is that he is not a woman beater.
In fact, his fiance is the one who is leading the fight for his freedom, trying to get everyone involved and write letters to share what a big part of the community he is. She took the hilarious flyer photo as well.
This is the dude that beat up his small ass girlfriend. That's why he is in jail. & Nethaniel Knows is a total douche for helping him. Whiskey bar sucks for hosting their crap DJ shit as well. And why is the mercury helping out this guy who beat up his girl friend? Is the media lousy right now that they failed to catch this? You can't even connect the dots anymore on music-related news -- THEN HIRE ME ASSHOLES! Are you sure you want to help this guy by posting this blog topic, did you realize you are aiding and abetting a girlfriend beater to get a get out of jail free card? Because that looks bad... REALLY REALLY BAD. Think about that for a second bros! Maybe you needed this reality check. You have been missing a lot of important "news" lately and there is no excuse for it.
+ It is consistent for battered women to support their attacker after an arrest and to drop charges out of fear and disorientation, that happens all of the time in this world. MERCURY: you were late in the game picking up on his mugshot on and connecting the dots to who he was and catching it before this blog was posted, and to me... that is lousy journalism. Portland deserves more investigative reporting than this and to have it in a more timely manner. NO EXCUSES.
we are not raising money to support domestic violence OR to give him a get out of jail free card, he actually isn't in jail, its a detention center - we're just trying to get him home so that he can have a fair chance in his trial. most inmates who have their cases heard from tacoma end up deported within 90 days. he is a vital part of our community and we don't want him having to go back to mexico. also - before you start freaking out over something, know the facts, in oregon, even if his fiance had asked for the charges to be dropped, the police could have AND would have pressed charges had there been a serious issue at hand. beyond that, the initial arrest is between him and her and being as she is heading this action, i highly doubt there was a serious issue.