Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at the Rose Garden, Wed Nov 28


Some great pics too.
I was there also and it was magical. A combination of truly great music with a guy who showed as much love for his fans as they did for him. I left thinking that was the greatest show I had ever seen and I've seen my fair share...Thanks much Bruce and the photos are
great Jason.
Seeing Bruce with the E Street Band has been on my bucket list...last night was my chance to check it off. I had heard how incredible he was at live shows, and I walked out thinking "Man, everyone was right, that was the best show I've ever seen."
Reading updates from friends and reviewers today who have been to multiple Springsteen shows, saying that it was by far the best show of his they've Here I was thinking the spectacle I saw was just par for the course, but really I was lucky to see the best of the best of his shows... screw Powerball, I won the concert lottery and I'll take it.
My only problem with the show was the sound. I don't expect much at the Rose Garden, but I thought it was particularly bad last night.