(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) For a snapshot of explosive civic-mindedness, look no further than this lineup for Portland's best of-the-moment indie rockers. They have learned the secret: play whatever you like, challenge listeners all you want, but do it with friends—especially important when your music defies categorization, when it sounds like nothing any audience has ever heard. The We Shared Milk famously recorded their glam-garage History of Voyager & Legend Tripping with 10 different local bands. Nepotism isn't enough, obviously, and their eyebrow-singeing live shows have become the stuff of legend. Aan's "Mystery Life" 7-inch is an exercise in the bizarrely accessible, drawing you in with warm, beautiful vocals and wrapping you up in totally unfamiliar psychedelic fuzz. And lastly, Yours specializes in obliterating genres, with songs ranging from discordant slushes of noise to pop confections whose gorgeous guitar hooks stir you to your bones. REBECCA WILSON
Tonight's show is a release celebration for the We Shared Milk's brand new album Lame Sunset, which was just finished last night. It's streaming above.