It's kinda like the ever-so-lovely Camera Obscura is giving me an early birthday present this year with the release of their new album, Desire Lines, on June 4. I don't think there's a more gorgeous-sounding band on this whole wide earth—Tracyanne Campbell's bruised peach voice just kills me. Then they go and drop their new song "Fifth in Line to the Throne" and I'm sorta feeling guilty... I didn't get them anything. The Glasgow quintet recorded their newest with Portland's Tucker Martine here in ol' Sogtown.

LISTEN: Camera Obscura, "Fifth in Line to the Crown"

From the press release, Campbell explaining a bit about "Fifth in Line to the Throne":

[It's] a song about someone in a seemingly perfect relationship but there is a dark underside to it. We wanted to sound menacing and give folk the creeps. I believe Princess Beatrice is fifth in line by the way.