(Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) When they get around to remaking Russ Mayer's films for the 21st century, Lilacs and Champagne will write the soundtrack. The production team of Alex Hall and Emil Amos, known primarily for their work in Grails, create mood music with a hazy mélange of B movies and softcore action sequences fused together with downtempo beats. Each track on their latest release, Danish and Blue, is a dense narrative of lo-fidelity nostalgia and found audio as beat-futurism, with a heavy dose of psych rock as the dominant hue on the psychic palette of their cut-and-paste methodology. The new album appears to be a departure from the Tales-of-the-Crypt-hop of their self-titled debut; horror samples and high kitsch remain, but the new album resonates with a greater emphasis on organic song composition and the slo-jam core of R&B. Lilacs and Champagne make their debut as a live band tonight. WYATT SCHAFFNER

(Rontoms, 600 E Burnside) The music of Portland band Yours lives in a world that pops with piano and rages with classic-rock psychedelia. Matthan Minster's vibrant, melodic vocals punch and pull you into songs that swirl with joyous guitar riffs. With the addition of two members since their 2011 incarnation, it will be exciting to hear their new dynamic sound. Minden performances are always a welcome spectacle—the band decks out in velveteen nightgowns, spandex, masks, and more. These costumes only accessorize their already glittery pop grooves. This lineup of catchy tunes will surely bliss you out, and what better way to keep the weekend going than with a Rontoms patio show? RACHEL MILBAUER