Victor Mature, it's Video Vriday!

Here's the latest Quasi video, for their song "See You on Mars." I'm guessing it's a collection of weird and remarkable found footage—or, if this all newly shot footage, it's the most ambitious and expensive video Quasi has ever done. No, this is not new footage. It's really old and really strange. Mole City comes out October 1 on Kill Rock Stars, and Quasi plays the Doug Fir on November 23.

Director James Winters is locally known for the rad video he made of the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage," which he filmed with his kids upon MCA's death last year. Here's his new video for Portland band Bison Bison, and it's also a tribute—in this case to John Carpenter's They Live. And yes, it includes the fight scene. That is all you need to know. Now, watch.

Before summer's gone completely, get in some last rays of sunshine in this easygoin' clip from Quiet Life. It's for their song "San Luis Obispo," a twanging, stomping rocker from their upcoming album Wild Pack, which comes out on Mama Bird on October 29. Being a touring band can be hard, and being on the road nonstop can be rough, but you wouldn't guess it from this good-time clip. Quiet Life just kicked off a tour of Alaska this week, and will do a national tour with the Head and the Heart in October and November; let's hope a hometown show gets put on the schedule, too.

More Vriday, with videos from Sama Dams, the Hugs, and Myke Bogan after the jump!

Here's another video from Sama Dams' show at Sellwood's Piano Fort (we posted the first here). This one's "Coyote Dreams in the City," and it's a skittering, crumbling bit of fury that showcases the band's formidable chops. Sama Dams play Holocene on Wednesday, September 25, where they will be doing astonishing stuff like this.

The Hugs took advantage of Oregon's incredible natural surrounding for this video for "Magnify," a sun-hazed bit of paisley-swirl that fits the song's psychedelic-shoegaze bent. Directed by Sean Allen, it's the first of four planned music videos the Hugs have for tracks from their latest album, Love Led You Here. They're playing Rontoms on Sunday, October 20, with WL and Souvenir Driver.

Here's the new video from Portland emcee Myke Bogan, for his track "Here We Go." The video's simple visual effects give the impression of Steadicam work and those 3D party gifs, but all in all the vibe matches the track's drowsy but insistent beat. There's also a bathroom shot of Bogan, which probably seemed like a funny idea on the day of shooting. "Here We Go" is on Bogan's mixtape Pretty Hesh, which you can grab ahold of here. Myke Bogan opens for Dizzy Wright this coming Tuesday, September 17 at Peter's Room at the Roseland.