Stereogum premiered the new single from Portland band Aan (pronounced "on") on Monday, and Party Damage Records—home to Wild Ones, Your Rival, and St. Even—will be announcing Aan's first full-length, the long, long-awaited Amor Ad Nauseum. The album's title is where Aan got their abbreviated name, and I'm no Latin expert, but I'm pretty sure it means "fuck 'til you puke." (I never get tired of that joke.)

Take a listen to "I Don't Need Love" right here through the magic of the Soundcloud embed.

It's a lurching, awesome track, and not unfamiliar to those who've been following Aan's previous releases and live shows, but it sounds excellent here. Amor Ad Nauseum comes out via Party Damage on February 4. (And this hasn't been officially announced, but you can expect a record release show at a Portland venue with the initials M.S. around that time—say, maybe, the Saturday before the release date, shall we say?) We've got a better look at the album cover—in the battle of dog vs. porcupine, porcupine always wins—and the full tracklist for you after the jump.


Aan—Amor Ad Nauseum
out February 4, 2014 on Party Damage Records

1 Wet and Dripping
2 Spiritual Provisions
3 I Don't Need Love
4 Loveless Dreams
5 Bubble Bath Bop
6 Wake Me With a Kiss
7 Daylight
8 Somewhere's Sunshine
9 Weirdo