(525 NW 10th) Finally, a fun office party! The Mercury presents Your Holiday Office Party... a drunken affair featuring YOU in semi-business attire (including an "ugly tie/pantyhose contest"), dancing to Silent Disco (with DJ Gregarious), a "Secret Santa" raffle for charity, a terrible boss dressed as St. Nick (comedian Gabe Dinger), a make-out cubicle, photo booth, complimentary Xerox machine (for genitalia copying), and plenty of BOOZE. WM.™ STEVEN HUMPHREY

(Wonder Ballroom, 128 NE Russell) The Midlake of today isn't the band that wooed you with woodsy charm back in 2006. The Texas indie-folk outfit's longtime frontman, Tim Smith, took off last year, leaving big questions in his wake. But Midlake's never been a band afraid to tweak its sound, and the group's remaining members have a resounding rallying cry in this year's Antiphon. DIRK VANDERHART

(Mississippi Pizza Pub, 3552 N Mississippi) The members of the Century are their own Portland musical entourage. Previously known as My Autumn's Done Come—and sharing a majority of its members with local pop unit Thanks—it's clear the Century has the unstoppable ability to play giant-sized rock 'n' roll. Straightforward Elvis Costello-influenced vocals by Andrew Hanna meld with quick guitar licks, solid keys, and kicking bass and drums. There's a comfort in seeing them play; it feels like going back in time to your first basement rock show (if that band actually knew what they were doing). Their sound is the core reason we grow up to love rock 'n' roll—loud and in your face, while taking moments to be emotional, sweet, and sexy. RACHEL MILBAUER