(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) When Jordan Cook swaggered out of machine-made fog a couple years ago, he was already Reignwolf, a seemingly fully formed blues-rock hero for the 21st century. His look is like if Bob Dylan and the Wolfman had a baby, and that baby joined a biker gang. His sound is classic, thunderous electric blues, all serrated guitar licks and scorched-earth howls. His show started out as a solo spectacle with Cook playing, singing, and stomping on a kick drum at the same time. (He has a band now, though his sets still feature some of the old one-man-band thing.) Also, he calls himself Reignwolf. Reignwolf! Like a wolf that reigns over all of the blues-rock landscape! Cook is the natural heir to the Led Zeppelin/Jack White throne, or maybe more; as a commenter at Rolling Stone's website says: "Jordan Cook is 100 percent this generation's Jimi Hendrix. Only dirtier, filthier, fuzzier, and way more badass." BEN SALMON

(Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) In a place like Portland, there's plenty of talent to go around. To that end, local hiphoppers TxE (Tope, Epp, and producer G_Force) mined their own community for the beats and sounds that make up their latest: TxE vs. Prtlnd boasts samples from local indie rock bands like Typhoon, Sallie Ford, and Monarques. It connects the dots of our sometimes disparate scenes, not just expanding the palate of local hiphop but all of Portland music. NED LANNAMANN

(Mission Theater, 1624 NW Glisan) You know them. You love them. And whether you're currently experiencing your college stoner phase, or just want to nostalgically relive it, Built to Spill is here for you, with a jaggedly psychedelic sound that somehow keeps getting better. You've got three chances to see for yourself at their Three-Night New Year's Celebration. ALISON HALLETT