There's noise—noise-pop, noise-rap, Perfect Pussy, Death Grips, blah blah blah—and then there's NOISE. Harsh, unrelenting noise. The latter fills the bleak, broken world of the Portland artist known as Redneck, whose new cassette Possession dropped today like a just-sharpened hatchet into your party-hatted skull via heavy Portland label Eolian Empire. Happy New Year.

On Friday, January 3, Redneck will contribute his wildly physical set of sonic destruction—noisy field recordings cranked up and distorted into oblivion, guttural screaming and blank, bloodied stares—to what should be an all-around tense evening at Tonic Lounge. Joining him there: Sinister local avant-metal duo the Body, like-minded touring bands Wrekmeister Harmonies and Corrections House (a hellish supergroup that includes members of Neurosis and Eyehategod), and more. Bring your bad vibes and the deepest pool of aural endurance you can muster.