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(The Know, 2026 NE Alberta) Olympia's Nudity share members with a wide range of acts hailing from the Washington state capital, including the gritty and fierce punk outfit Sex/Vid.  The two bands share the honor of being notoriously difficult to Google while at work, and while Nudity's take on psych-rock might seem miles removed from the hardcore played by Sex/Vid, both bands have also earned a reputation for bringing heightened levels of intensity to their live shows. Nudity hammer out their sound with blistering synths and heavy rock riffs. And with tracks like "Here Comes the White Light" pushing the 10-minute mark, the quintet proves able to lash out rhythms with a notable sense of confidence behind the force. The "love rock" term coined by hometown label K Records years ago seems as pinpoint a description as it gets for the kind of music made by a band like Nudity. CHIPP TERWILLIGER