(Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) The observant, charming songwriting of LA's Tom Brosseau will win you over in seconds flat. And Seattle's Shelby Earl can go from heartbreaking intimacy to CinemaScope-sized emotion in the space of the same song. These two singer/songwriters are some of the best at what they do, making tonight's double bill a true knockout. NED LANNAMANN

(Al's Den, 303 SW 12th) In what ought to amount to an introduction of sorts for lots of Portlanders, Matt Dorrien—AKA Snowblind Traveler—brings snapshots of yesteryear balladry and Americana to a weeklong stint at Al's Den. Dorrien released Lost on the North Hills in early 2013, an LP steeped in smart, melodic acoustic guitar work with downtrodden tales and tribal rhythms. His upcoming full-length, Confederate Burials, is a stunning collection of gritty, temporal meditations on wartime ("Confederate Burial") when it's not embracing Harry Nilsson on songs like "Lobster" and "Lazy Stream" or odes to Chinatown in "SF Shanghai." It's the type of album that almost everyone is going to gush over when it's released, so you might as well get a leg up now. RYAN J. PRADO