(Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) Grizzly Bear/Department of Eagles stringman Daniel Rossen is embarking on his first solo tour, so expect the songwriter to command the stage with little more than his guitar and voice. Opener William Tyler is no stranger to solo acoustic performances, offering winding, wooded trails of music that are worth getting lost in. NED LANNAMANN

(The Old Church, 1422 SW 11th) Even in a time when reissue labels are unearthing a parade of long-lost, under-appreciated musical greats, 44 years is a long haul between albums. That's the time that passed between Linda Perhacs' 1970 debut Parallelograms and her sophomore effort, The Soul of All Natural Things, released this month by Asthmatic Kitty Records. Perhacs was a dental hygienist in LA when she was discovered by a big-time film composer, and she returned to that career after Parallelograms was under-promoted and sold poorly. But over the past four decades, it has gained a cult following—Devendra Banhart, Daft Punk, Julia Holter, and the main dude from Opeth are fans—which has led to the new record. Soul is a wide-eyed wonder of an album, with gauzy, psychedelic folk jams acting as the backdrop for Perhacs' celestially serene voice and sky-reaching spiritual incantations. It was worth the wait, and her concert Sunday at the Old Church should be sublime. BEN SALMON

(Star Bar, 639 SE Morrison) It's an event in and of itself when the teeny confines of Star Bar hosts a show, and it's another thing when the show in question features two of the more buzzed-about Bay Area power-punk revival crews. The elemental catchiness of Oakland's Warm Soda is on full display on their new album, Young Reckless Hearts, which features glam-tastic sneering from frontman Matthew Melton, Heartbreakers-worthy guitar leads, and enough saccharine-sweet melodies and sing-along moments for even the staunchest first-wave loyalist to bite. Both Warm Soda and Big Tits are fresh off the whirlwind of SXSW, so hopefully they'll be used to overcrowded venues and makeshift stage areas. RYAN J. PRADO