Souvenir Driver's new album Living Water comes out April 22, but we've got a special sneak peek—an exclusive stream of the entire thing, only here at the Mercury!

Living Water is the Portland four-piece's third full-length effort, a dream-rock, bliss-pop album with traces of post-punk and shoegaze. Among its many highlights are "Kiss You Close," "Moonlit Waves," and "I Touch You Honey," each of which explore an entirely different vein of Souvenir Driver's wide-ranging sound. Taken collectively, the album is an assured statement of a band who is equally adept at finding both the lighter pop moments in the stormier part of their sound, and the jagged emotion in their more tranquil, contoured tunes.

The band recorded the album with producer Gregg Williams at the Trench Studio and includes a guesat appearance by the Dandy Warhols' Peter Holmstrom. The cover art was done by Sam's Myth, who also did those cool Criterion covers for Hausu, Solaris, and others. You can get a digital or CD copy of the new album on April 22, and they're accepting discounting pre-orders for the vinyl edition (the vinyl got delayed because of Record Store Day releases gumming up the works at all the vinyl pressing plants). You can score those over on Souvenir Driver's site.

Meanwhile, take a listen to the exclusive premiere of Living Water. Tracklisting after the jump. Souvenir Driver plays a record release show on Wednesday, April 23 at Mississippi Studios with Tender Age and Bubble Cats.

Souvenir Driver - Living Water
1. Feel the Flood
2. Kiss You Close
3. Moonlit Waves
4. All the Patterns
5. Slide
6. Jellyfish
7. Pushing Love
8. I Touch You Honey
9. Riverbed
10. Yearning Possibilities