Hi, Phox!
  • Hi, Phox!
Another week, another Mercury music section to console you as you read Death Grips' breakup note handwritten on a napkin. Ouch, this is worse than the time Suzie Campbell broke up with me in 7th grade English via cruelly constructed cootie-catcher.

• The members of Phox originally come from Baraboo, Wisconsin, and construct elegantly beautiful musical contraptions.

LISTEN: Phox - "1936"

Sharon Van Etten can make grown men cry like it's her job. Actually, it is her job.

LISTEN: Sharon Van Etten - "Taking Chances"

• Sometimes great rock 'n' roll speaks for itself. That's certainly the case with Reigning Sound's magnificent new record, Shattered.

LISTEN: Reigning Sound - "Never Coming Home"

Clipping have one foot in hiphop, another foot in noise music, and quite possibly a third foot hidden somewhere that we can't see. They are great at winning three-legged races.

LISTEN: Clipping - "Body & Blood"

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