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Room Tone: Variation


Con-Way (map) Northwest
Sept. 12-29 2013

In 1969, Alvin Lucier recorded his voice and then played it back in a room and recorded that, then played that recording in the room, and so on and so on, resulting in a feedback loop of his voice within the room’s spatial parameters. Inspired by Lucier’s work, Lucy Raven’s Room Tone explores that idea with a real-time performance. Raven’s TBA variation of this performance utilizes one person’s voice recorded on tape over and again, until the voice disappears and the room’s overtones absorb familiar human speech patterns. She’ll be collaborating with Portland musician Rebecca Gates, formerly of the Spinanes, who recently released the excellent album The Float with her band the Consortium. NED LANNAMANN


2170 NW Raleigh, Portland, Oregon

Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • Sept. 12-29 2013
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