Nicky USA's Wild About Game


A cooking competition celebrating the flavors of wild game, with chefs from Portland facing off against Seattle's best to determine which city cooks wild game the best. Competitors representing PDX are Jose Chesa of Chesa, Matt Sigler of Renata, Sarah Schafer of Irving St. Kitchen, and Phil Oswalt of MAC. Seattle's champions will be Paul Osher of Porkchop & Co., Jason Stratton of Mbar, Andrew Gregory & Ricardo Valdes of the London Plane, and Chris Lobkovich of Quinn's Pub. Admission includes access to the Artisan Marketplace, offering exclusive tastings of artisan cheeses, chocolates, ice cream, game products, wine, and beer.

The Resort at the Mountain

68010 East Fairway, Welches, Oregon 97067

Event Times
  • Sun Oct 8
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