Lil Peep


Wonder Ballroom (map) Northeast
Tues Oct 3 at 8 pm All Ages

Lil Peep

A complex understanding of cultural references (specifically of the “sub-” and “pop” varieties) is required to explain both the punchline of a meme and Lil Peep. The 20-year-old, face covered in tattoos and hair dyed an ever-changing highlighter hue, specializes in slow, emo-infused rap. He tends to combine tropes from both genres, often in the same lyric: “I used to wanna kill myself/Came up, still wanna kill myself.” This makes me think Lil Peep’s musical point of reference is cultural panic. He glorifies sex, drugs, suicide, and anime—taken together, it’s an incredible tableau of the media that has scared parents shitless for the past 30 years. Lil Peep raps over the Microphones, samples old cartoons, tweets incessantly, and has a faithful crew of equally sad boys who operate under the name GothBoiClique. I think his emo revival/rap/internet-core hybrid is entertaining, but I can feel myself understanding less of Lil Peep’s art with each passing second. EMMA BURKE

Wonder Ballroom

128 NE Russell, Portland, OR 97212
Hours: Ballroom open for events only, Cafe open: Tues-Sat 5 pm-"late"

Venue Hours
  • Ballroom open for events only, Cafe open: Tues-Sat 5 pm-"late"
Event Times
  • Tues Oct 3 at 8 pm
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