Mandolin Orange

Revolution Hall (map) Southeast
Tues Nov 7 at 8 pm 21+

Mandolin Orange

"Mandolin Orange" may sound like a Home Depot paint color, but it's the dynamic folk duo of Emily Frantz and Andrew Marlin, formed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in 2009. Though they will remind you of many folk-grass bands of its ilk, Mandolin Orange write great harmonies and well-orchestrated songs. This show won't make you twerk your brains out, but you could experience some light head-swaying while their songs whisk you away to the time you were a kid making apple pie on your grandparents' farm, waiting to get older. ROSE FINN

Revolution Hall

1300 SE Stark #110, Portland, OR 97214

Event Times
  • Tues Nov 7 at 8 pm
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