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Emperical Geodism: Chelsea Lynn Linehan & Nathanael Thayer Moss

Timeshare (map) Northwest
April 1-May 5 2010

The Wunderkammer or "cabinets of curiosity," they're called—old-timey collections of things that defy category and evoke wonder. In the case of Chelsea Lynn Linehan and Nathanael Thayer Moss' collaborative show, Emperical Geodism, the intended Wunderkammer is a group of sculptures, paintings, and illustrations that explore geometry in organic and inorganic forms, depicting crystals and abstract design riffs while trying to establish themes of "societal superstructure." While the impulse to produce wonder through ambiguity is playful and fun, it seems to be prioritized over an elegant conceptual conclusion. Even if the show builds to a frustrating non-statement, it succeeds as a Wunderkammer, as well as at the aesthetic level. You can view the show in person by setting up an appointment with MATT STANGEL


328 NW Broadway #114, Portland, OR 97209

Event Times
This event is in the past.
  • April 1-May 5 2010
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