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Midori Hirose


Little Field (map) Northeast
Aug. 26-Sept. 29 2010

In one of her sculptures positioned on the floor of Little Field, lengths of wood create the outline of a black cube, which is bordered at its base with layers and globs of spray foam. As with all the pieces in the show, the artist says she's representing order (the sleek lines of the cube) and chaos (the messy spray foam)—ideas she began to explore while reading Friedrich Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy. Ultimately, risks and all, Hirose's show achieves its goals. She set her sights on order and chaos, on the give-take relationship between these, rendering the dichotomy with little embellishment. MATT STANGEL

Little Field

NE Alberta between 28th & 29th (north alley), Portland, OR

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This event is in the past.
  • Aug. 26-Sept. 29 2010
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