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Howlin' Rain, My Goodness and Datura Blues


Doug Fir (map) Southeast
Sat., Feb. 25, 9 p.m. 2012 21+

Doug Fir

I'm not so sure that Rick Rubin's good for Howlin Rain. The producer extraordinaire's done some outstanding work, of course, but his dealings with Ethan Miller's troupe haven't accentuated their strengths. Howlin Rain excel when they're raging with rawness, when their mountain-sized classic rock spirals into psychedelic arabesques, like a slightly less feral, more soulful Comets on Fire (Miller's former band). On the new The Russian Wilds, Howlin Rain sound stodgily conventional, the fire in their bellies tamped down by Rubin's glossy production technique. Let's hope Howlin Rain can retain their earlier hell-raising bravado onstage tonight. DAVE SEGAL

Doug Fir

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This event is in the past.
  • Sat., Feb. 25, 9 p.m. 2012
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