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Jolie Holland and Stefan Jecusco


Doug Fir (map) Southeast
Wed., May 16, 9 p.m. 2012 21+

Doug Fir

Jolie Holland is from Texas, but her kinda bluesy, kinda chanteuse-y songs defy both regionalism and chronology. Her songs are evocative because they are intended to be, but what has always set her apart in my mind is the way she seems to masticate every syllable, rolling it around in her mouth before sending it on its way. But for her passionate superfans, it is her lyrics that matter, profoundly describing the experiences of her devotees. On her fifth album, Pint of Blood, she channels '70s folk rock to such an extent that any CSNY fan will find it familiar and enjoyable. It isn't a country album, but its distorted guitars and sad melodies—and emotional earnestness—bring to mind heartbreak in hazy bars like the best of them. REBECCA WILSON

Doug Fir

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This event is in the past.
  • Wed., May 16, 9 p.m. 2012
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