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Childchildren, Exotic Club and Super Duper Fun Gun


Record Room (map) Northeast
Fri., June 28, 8 p.m. 2013 21+

Record Room

Childchildren make the kind of noise you might expect to hear from a loosey-goosey two-piece. But this Portland band's ramshackle garage rock takes on a darker post-apocalyptic feel. Call it "future fuzz." Their latest four-song EP mixes the White Stripes' Detroit swamp with the post-punk of Pere Ubu. And they own it. If you're going to borrow from other bands, you'd better shove your own personality in there as well—which they do. For the time being, Childchildren are sort of an enigma. For all we know they're a couple of extraterrestrials who make music in a dark basement in St. Johns, living on nothing but 7-Eleven nachos while keeping a pet velociraptor in the corner. At least that's how I'd like to imagine them. MARK LORE

Record Room

8 NE Killingsworth, Portland, OR 97211
Hours: Mon-Sat 12pm-10pm, Sun 12pm-6pm

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  • Mon-Sat 12pm-10pm, Sun 12pm-6pm
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This event is in the past.
  • Fri., June 28, 8 p.m. 2013
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