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Burly Night Live Theater&Performance

Crush Southeast $15-20

White Album Christmas Music

Alberta Rose Theatre Northeast $32.50-50

7 Minutes in Heaven Theater&Performance

Funhouse Lounge Southeast $7-10

Lady Stockholm's Winter Holiday Show Theater&Performance

Star Theater Downtown $15-30

Twerk Du Soleil Theater&Performance

Dante's Downtown $10-80

Miz Kitty's Parlour Theater&Performance

Mission Theater Northwest $17-20

Roles I'll Never Play Theater&Performance

Hipbone Studios Northeast $10

Little Miss Nasty Rock 'n' Roll Burlesque Show Theater&Performance

Bossanova Ballroom Southeast $18-22

Wonderland Theater&Performance

Star Theater Downtown $20-25

A Burlesque Nightmare Before Christmas Theater&Performance

The Analog Cafe and Little Theater Southeast $15-100

Nerd Night Theater&Performance

Kit Kat Club Downtown

PDX Rated Music

Bossanova Ballroom Southeast $15

Sinferno Cabaret Music

Dante's Downtown

Dwight Church Theater&Performance

Ash Street Saloon Downtown Free

Noobs with Boobs Burlesque Theater&Performance

Alberta Street Pub Northeast

Oddville: A New Vaudevillian Tradition Theater&Performance

The Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven Southeast $10

Burlescape Queer

Crush Southeast $12-18

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