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Ad Oregon Fermentation Festival- Celebrating Fermented Foods & Beverages

A Benefit in Solidarity with Charlottesville Resistance & Solidarity

Black Water Bar Northeast $5

Bob the Drag Queen Comedy

Aladdin Theater Southeast $30-80

A Certain Smile, Mere Mention, Soft Paws Music

Turn! Turn! Turn! North

Hungry for Art Resistance & Solidarity

N.W.I.P.A. Southeast Free

Marriage + Cancer, Hair Puller, Boo Jays, Bobby Peru Music

The Know Northeast $7

The Secret Sea, Jeff Hayes Band, The Sincerelys Music

Adventureland Southeast $5-10

War On The Catwalk Theater&Performance

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall Downtown $22.25-159

2 for 30 Music

Buffalo Gap Southwest

Butter, Max Gardner, Mood Beach Music

Kelly's Olympian Downtown $5

D. Poetica Music

Moloko North

DJ Maxamillion Music

Dig a Pony Southeast Free

DJ Queasy Music

Paydirt Northeast Free

Dmitri Matheny Group Music

Jack London Revue Downtown $10

Eight Bells, Urghun, Leadeater, Hail Music

Tonic Lounge Northeast $7-10

Harrison Garrison, A Deer A Horse, Player's Island Music

(The World Famous) Kenton Club North $5

King Black Acid, The Parson Red Heads, LiquidLight Music

Doug Fir Southeast $10-15

Lithics, Cold Beat, Strange Babes Music

Star Theater Downtown $8

Melville, Holidae House Music

Fremont Theater Northeast $5

Moon Debris, Wood Gremlinz, The Doomies Music

Slim's North Free

Sad Horse, Plastic Harmony Band, The Gutters Music

Railside Pub Northeast Free

Signal Music

Valentines Downtown $3

Spend The Night Music

The Liquor Store Southeast $10

Summer Bash Music

The Secret Society Northeast $20

Swingin' Utters, Western Settings, 48 Thrills Music

Dante's Downtown $13

Witch Vomit, Disembowel, Apraxic, Hacksaw Music

Twilight Cafe & Bar Southeast $5

Argyle Music

Starday Tavern Southeast Free

Becky with the Good Jokes Comedy

Funhouse Lounge Southeast $8-12

The City Pines, Koski Music

EastBurn Southeast $5

La Rivera Music

O'Neill Public House Northeast Free

GTA Music

45 East Southeast $15-25

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