Wikipedia informs me that "bunny chow" is "a South African fast food consisting of a loaf of bread with the inside scooped out and filled with curry." What this has to do with the South African, MTV-distributed film of the same name, I won't venture to guess: Bunny Chow is a road trip movie about a group of aspiring standup comedians in South Africa—and yes, they do eat bunny chow at one point, but if that's supposed to be a metaphor for something, I didn't get it.

Bunny Chow—which screens as part of the Northwest Film Center's "Global Lens" series of international films—follows four young friends en route to the Oppikoppi musical festival (a "rock festival full of white people"), where they're scheduled to perform. Roadside drug deals, man-to-man chats about dealing with women (including gems like "alcohol is sex's best friend"), and hookups and betrayals ensue. Were this film made about a group of college stoners en route to Woodstock 2007, there'd be nothing interesting about it, but familiar material in an unfamiliar context is pretty compelling stuff.

Subtitles pop up sporadically as the characters drift from language to language, and the black-and-white film has a casual, almost documentary-like looseness. If you've never seen a South American road trip/buddy comedy before—and I'm guessing you haven't—it wouldn't hurt to give this one a shot.