The Real Cancun

dir. De Oliveira

Opens Fri April 25

Various Theaters

First the stats, since that's what you really want: Girls kissing girls, five times. Exposed breast shots: 15. Male ass shots: six, and actual sexual intercourse I lose count. Let's just say it's a lot at least for some members of The Real Cancun. Billed as "the first reality movie" (in my day, we called 'em "documentaries," dagnabbit!), Cancun is the brainchild of Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray, who practically invented reality television with MTV's The Real World. However, what started off as a sociological experiment designed to tear down the walls of race, class and gender has become a slutty margarita mix of Dawson's Creek and Girls Gone Wild. But you knowthat's not such a bad thing.

The backdrop: Sixteen college kids are set up with some seriously sweet digs in Cancun, Mexico for the entirety of Spring Break. But unlike The Real World, discovering who they are isn't important--because they're only interested in two things: Getting drunk and laid. Superficial pursuits? Maybe, but the kids pursue these goals with such single-minded ferocity, you can't help but root for their damnation.

Even more surprising is how willingly each kid falls into an archetypal slot: There's the loner, the stud, the lovestruck girl, the stoner, and what would a mythological retelling be without the hot twins who enter the wet T-shirt contest? Hearts are broken, romance blooms, friendships are destroyed, all in an alcohol-fueled race to live and experience as much as possible in a week's time. It's all so unrealistic. Happily, however, Bunim and Murray have been doing this long enough where they could cut together footage of a basket of rotting apples and still make it interesting and even occasionally hilarious.

Sure, these kids are damned and I'll be damned if I didn't enjoy watching their long, tequila soaked fall.